• Ruta del Vino Montilla-Moriles

Montilla-Moriles Wine Route

From our Rural House, you will have within your reach the ecotourism in the Montilla Moriles area, where you can take the “Wine Route”. Wines from the Designation of Montilla-Moriles Origin have enjoyed fame since the earliest times. The route runs through the towns of Córdoba, Montemayor, Montilla, Moriles, Aguilar de la Frontera, Lucena, La Rambla, Fernán Núñez and Puente Genil.

Wine has represented for our culture and our tradition a seal of identity and an economic element of singular importance. It has defined, and still defines today, a distinctive element which is completely different from other farming communities, since they lack of this special product. So it is essential and highly recommendable to visit a winery where the passage of time, dedication and great wisdom, allow you to taste wines which include the “fine”, the “fragrant” or the sweet “Pedro Ximénez”.