Iznajar Reservoir

The inland sea of ​​Andalusia unites the provinces of Granada, Malaga and Córdoba. The largest lake in the community, the Iznajar reservoir, has a perimeter of one hundred kilometers, of which one and a half is occupied by the Valdearenas beach. A place open all year to practice water sports, fishing or enjoy a swim in its waters. In addition to being a starting point for hiking trails through the environment.

The Iznajar reservoir constitutes a stop on the way to the Genil River. A haven of water in which you can fish carps, trout, bogas … In fact it is the activity that is most practiced in the swamp. Neighbors of the municipal terms that guard it go to the shores of the “Lake of Andalusia”. People of Rute, Cuevas de San Marcos and Iznájar, who seek the calm of its waters and the tranquility of a natural environment between mountains and almond, pine and holm oak forests that alternate with olive trees.

The Iznájar Reservoir spot has been an enclave of singular importance since ancient times. The Belda Cave, close to its banks, attests to the settlements of primitive tribes that populated this land thousands of years ago. A land that has been the object of occupation and conquest by many peoples, leaving each part of its legacy. Witness of those cultures is the monolith known as “Niño de Piedra”, as well as archaeological remains of various kinds, heirlooms of another time.

The beauty of the area can be seen from any point of the environment. But it is from the Camorro de Cuevas Altas where the best views are appreciated. Panoramic views of a place that has captivated those who have set foot in these lands, and whose heritage has marked the history of the surroundings as well as of Andalusia.